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Happy New Year! I'm putting on my 2020 vision starting plan for this amazing new year. A lot of people like to make resolutions. I guess I kind of do that too, but I call it goal setting. What are your creative goals for this year? Are your goals based on a 6 month time frame? Monthly? Daily? All of them. I'm a firm believer that you can't hit a goal you can't see, so writing down goals in all areas of my life is an on-going task for me. This year I really want to take my home-sewn wardrobe to a new level. I want to learn new patterns, get faster at them and make much more of what I wear. 

What are your creative goals? Is learning new skills part of your vision for this year? I have several how to videos for you to see and I plan on adding in more this year. Let's make this the years our creativity blooms. Be fearless in taking on new endeavors, new skills and new crafts. And I hope sewing will be a big part of your year, of course.

Welcome to my sewing room. Take a look around sewing enthusiasts . Here you will find craft patterns to sew, many of them for free. There are also finished products if you don't have time to make it yourself. If you live near the Central Coast of California, USA,  you can sign up for sewing classes. If you don't live near the central coast you can take a SKYPE one on one sewing class. See descriptions for more information. 

Scroll down for a gallery of sewing inspiration!

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