It's July all ready. Time flies. I love all the bright colors I can use to create projects in the summertime. Right now I'm working on add new patterns to the small group of patterns that I use to create my clothing. Pattern fitting can be tricky and sometimes I have to try it a couple of times to get the pattern to fit right. But then, I use the pattern over and over again and change it up with heavier fabrics for winter and lighter weight fabrics for summer, if the pattern is suited to different weights. Once I've got it, it's mine forever!

Did you ever buy a pattern intending to make it, but you never did? I have hundreds of patterns that I've collected over many years. Never feel guilty if you never got around to making a pattern. There may still be the exact right time for that exact project, just never throw out the pattern. Lol.

Welcome to my sewing room. Take a look around sewing enthusiasts . Here you will find craft patterns to sew, many of them for free. There are also finished products if you don't have time to make it yourself. If you live near the Central Coast of Californa, USA,  you can sign up for sewing classes. If you don't live near the central coast you can take a SKYPE one on one sewing class. See descriptions for more information. 

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